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Karaoke is an increasingly popular form of entertainment which lets everyone be a star! Karaoke allows you to sing along with the soundtracks to your favorite recording artists. Having originated in Japan, Karaoke has now spread throughout the U.S. and the world. Millions now enjoy Karaoke at home, parties, and in clubs and restaurants.


Karaoke is great for ages 2-92!  Children love to sing along with their favorite nursery rhymes while reading along with the words on the screen helps them to read faster.  Everyone else just loves their 5 minutes of fame either showing off their voice or showing off their crazy or outgoing personalities!  Singing is fun for everyone, even the people in the audience that’s not the singing type usually enjoy watching the rest of the people get up there and strut their stuff! 


Karaoke is great for Private Parties, Birthdays, Carnivals, Festivals, Fairs, Grand Openings, Hotels And Inns, Company Parties, Corporate Parties, Pre-Schools, Rec Centers, Church Celebrations, Sweet 16's, Communions, Conformations, Barmitzvah's, Batmitzvah's, Graduations, Prom Parties, and almost any other event that needs some good, fun entertainment!


Karaoke is a Japanese abbreviated compound word which translates roughly as "empty orchestra. "Kara" comes from "karappo" meaning empty, and "oke" is the abbreviation of "okesutura," or orchestra. Karaoke is used to describe any sing-a-long track which displays lyrics on a TV or video screen. Usually, a music disc consists of vocals and accompaniment. Music discs in which only the accompaniment is recorded are called "Karaoke CD's or CDG’s."

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