Over 10,000 watts powering you!!!!

Here is a list of my equipment that I usually use. (not everything is used in smaller venues and more is used for sound gigs)


-Two Dual 15” JBL’s:


SRX series

Front Speakers:

-Two Dual 18" JBL Subs

Awesome, booming bass!

SRX series

Sub Speakers:

-Two JBL 12 inch professional floor monitor speakers with horn.

SR-X series

Monitor Speakers:

-One Yamaha EMX 5000 12 channel  audio mixing board with 1000 watt  stereo amplifier and 2 SPX effects units

Mixing Board & Effects Unit:

-One QSC  PLX 2400 watt  stereo amplifiers for Highs                                     -One QSC PLX 3600 watt stereo amplifier for Mids                                           -One I-Nuke 6000 watt stereo amplifier for Subs                                               -One QSC  PLX 2400 watt  stereo amplifiers for Monitors



-One DBX Drive-Rack PA Complete Equalization, Crossover, Limiter, Loud Speaker Control System for my Main Speakers

Drive Rack:

My Equipment 

-One DBX stereo full band equalizer for main speakers                                    -One Peavey stereo 15 band equalizer for monitor speakers

-One Dbx 2 channel Compressor/limiter

-One Behringer 2 channel Feedback Destroyer

-One Phonic 2 Channel Feedback Suppressor

EQs & signal processors:

-SM58 stage microphones


-One American Audio Dual Rack mount CDG player

CDG Player 1:

-One karaoke monitor with stand

TV & Stand:

-One 10 Ft. wide light truss    with

-Eight Par 38 cans  with controller

-One American DJ Reflex  special effects light

-Two American DJ Color Disco special effects lights

-Two single mirror color scanners

-One Odyssey Encounter 5 special effects light


-And Fun Props to play and dress up in during the show so that you look, sound, and feel like a star!


Karaoke With Amanda Rogers