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Karaoke With Amanda Rogers


Welcome to Karaoke with me, Amanda Rogers.  Are you looking for karaoke at your next big party or maybe your place of business?  Do you want more than just a DJ, Do your patrons want to do more than just listen? Then Karaoke is your answer!  Let people enjoy being the entertainment, not just watching it, on one of the best karaoke systems in Virginia.  Karaoke is perfect for all ages, all styles, and all places!  You and everyone else will sound their absolute best on a professional JBL sound system with monitor speakers, digital Allen & Heath console with effects and processing, high quality Shure SM58 microphones, and even lights and props to add to the ambience of the show.  Don’t forget a pro sound engineer running the board.  All this with a great selection of songs from many different styles and genre’s, including all the new hits so the fun never stops!  No contact sign up is also available through the SongBooks Online app.  So if you would like to have some awesome entertainment at your next party or place of business please call or e-mail me.

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He makes it out to every one of my karaoke shows!  He’s a super supporter and a great friend.

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